L Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in our blood and body, a fact that already all by itself emphasizes Glutamine’s importance for human health and athletic performance

Muscle tissue consists to around 60 % of Glutamine, which also makes Glutamine both the most abundant and the most indispensable component of muscle protein. Glutamine supplies 35 % of nitrogen to our muscles, which greatly promotes protein synthesis. When our muscles’ nitrogen intake is higher than their nitrogen output, a positive nitrogen balance is achieved, which is the ideal condition for muscle growth and fastest work-out recovery – our body is in an anabolic state. 

Glutamine is known to be a conditionally essential amino-acid. While the body is normally capable to manufacture enough Glutamine to meet the body’s metabolic needs, intense training can deplete Glutamine levels to an extent that greatly exceeds the athlete’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of this vital amino acid. To prevent such Glutamine depletion – just one hour of exercise can diminish the body’s Glutamine levels by 40 % – , supplementing with a premium quality L-Glutamine product which can help maintain proper Glutamine levels under most challenging conditions, which is extremely important for any serious athlete. After all, low Glutamine levels mean reduced strength, endurance and recovery; low Glutamine levels also adversely affect the immune system and other aspects of health.

Glutamine is not just the bodybuilder’s or competitive athlete’s supplement of choice for increasing muscle size, improving muscle metabolism, and preventing muscle break-down; the fact that Glutamine is continuously required throughout the human body to ensure optimum performance and to maintain general health, including the immune system, makes L-Glutamine a highly beneficial addition to everyone’s diet.

As Glutamine is the specific amino acid, which our body relies upon far more than on any of the other amino acids, it should not come as a surprise that supplementing with L-Glutamine also brings about the most extensive benefits.   






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