Martial Arts although different than Boxing in many ways,  has similar demands on the body,  like all combative sports. So we have placed here our write up about boxing and the supplement needs of boxers.

Boxing is a sport that can take a toll on your body’s health. As a perfect example of combative sports, boxing requires quick movement, agile feet, and fast reflexes. However, without proper supplementation, you will notice yourself feeling sluggish, easily weakened, and slow on your responses. This is why it is important in combat sports and fitness to use supplements to strengthen the body. Even beginners in boxing need to keep boxing supplements in mind before starting intense training that could damage the body.  The best supplements for boxers are:

    • Amino Acid Supplements– This is usually present in most foods, but what you need is a specific kind called free-form amino acid. This enhances boxing performance as it is better absorbed by the body. It helps decrease fatigue from consecutive trainings.

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    • Antioxidants– To improve your health, antioxidants can get rid of free radicals and sustain you with energy throughout your training. One of the boxing health concerns is that boxers feel tired after training, but with antioxidants you will have enough energy.
    • Pre Work Out & Caffeine Supplements – Caffeine boosts your endurance to get through a morning run and an afternoon boxing session. Without caffeine, you can feel yourself loosing focus and starting to feel tired come afternoon.
    • Glutamine– Boxers, amateur and professional alike, need glutamine to encourage lean mass gain. It also helps muscles recover faster while improving your immune system.
    • Creatine– Creatine provides strength and power for your body while also helping the body develop lean muscle.
    • Multivitamins – It’s not only vitamin B and C that are required as nutritional supplements for boxers. Your active body also needs multivitamins for better performance while training and to guarantee that you still have energy after a day’s intense boxing workout.
    • Recovery supplements– Your muscles need to recover from the strain of constant and intense training, and this kind of supplement helps with that.  Choose recovery supplements that combine protein and carbohydrates.
    • Whey protein– Every athlete aiming to build strong muscles needs whey protein in their daily lives for quick muscle gain through easily-absorbed protein. Whey protein is the best boxing supplement that can be consumed before or after workout. This food supplement for boxers may be combined with other healthy foods such as peanut butter and banana.
    • Glucosamine– To become a good boxer, you will need strong joints. Glucosamine gives support to the joints while strengthening connective tissues.
    • Flax seed oil– An athlete requires a body that is fully-functioning and at the prime of health. Flax seed oil ensures a healthy heart and a healthy brain by supplying you with omega-3 alpha linoleic acid.

Boxing and fitness go hand in hand. After all, boxing requires all the parts of the body to be in good shape—strong arms and legs support your movement, while muscles give you strength in giving and blocking punches. But all this will not be possible without supplements for combat athletes, so make sure that you are not compromising your health and straining your body.

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