Because of the almost complete removal of fats, carbs and lactose, Whey Protein Isolate is absorbed more quickly and supplies less calories than Whey Protein Concentrate or any other protein powder; this makes  it the ideal choice for anyone on a strict low-calorie diet, or for anyone, who is preparing for a bodybuilding show or competition. The almost complete removal of lactose also makes whey isolate most suitable for lactose intolerant individuals.  

The harder and longer an athlete trains, the more high quality protein is required for rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue. Serious strength and power athletes require two or three times the amount of protein as inactive people, or a minimum of 1.5 g – 2 g per kilo of body weight per day; during intense periods of training, temporary consumption of even higher quantities   ( 2.5g – 3 g/ kg/day) may provide additional benefits. As whole-food sources of protein are often high in fat and hard to digest, it is obvious why it is virtually impossible for any athlete to make optimum progress without the steady use of an easily digested and rapidly absorbed premium protein supplement.

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