Any serious athlete knows that it is virtually impossible to achieve major muscle gains without high-quality protein supplementation. The harder an athlete trains, the more important dietary protein becomes for maximizing muscle repair and maintenance of muscle building processes. Protein also plays a vital role in hormone and enzyme production, and maintaining the immune system. 

Whey concentrates and isolates are rightfully the protein supplements of choice among modern athletes, and rightfully so, as whey protein is one of the best proteins for muscle building, boasting a far higher biological value (BV) and a higher PER (protein efficiency ratio) than any whole food proteins.  

But what is the best whey protein supplement, especially when considering long-term health? 

Whey protein isolate provides the highest percentage of pure protein (90%-96%) at the lowest calorie content due to the elimination of lactose and fats. However, the isolate manufacturing process depletes some of the valuable health-promoting components of whey. 

High-quality whey concentrate usually supplies about 80% protein, with minor amounts of fat and lactose still present. Whey concentrate also includes a variety of health-beneficial components, including certain growth factors, healthful lipids (CLA) and phospholipids, plus lactoferrin and immunoglobulins, which improve immunity.

Each type of whey has it own distinct advantages and both can be safely considered as true health foods. The most vital issue for any health-conscious athlete is not whether to choose whey concentrate or whey isolate for protein supplementation, but rather to select the purest, most unadulterated, unflavored high-quality whey protein powder. For those that require flavor enhancement, blending in a bit of fresh fruit is a quick, simple, and healthy option. 

Dr. Christoph Klueppel
Master of Fitness Sciences
Specialist in Performance Nutrition

NGA Education Director for SEA

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With a nitrogen packed 25-27 grams of protein sourced from 3 highly bioavailable proteins containing less than 5% lactose,  Whey 3X Blend delivers a product that is easily digested by most.  If such a high protein to lactose ratio weren’t enough, we took the extra step and fortified Whey 3X Blend with digestive enzymes. 

A protein triple filtered at low temperatures to preserve the amino acid profile. This process ensures the highest bioavailability possible ensuring each 29-31 gram serving of protein is fully absorbed by the body, not to mention it renders the product virtually lactose free.

WHEY, CASEIN, PLUS a premium protein blend of 45% Whey, 45% Micellar Casein & 10% Egg White. This blend does not hide the protein ratios as in a ‘proprietary blend’ and it has been  formulated to be the best-tasting protein anywhere.


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