Did you know ?

If accumulated belly fat should be your concern, punishing your midsection daily with multiple sets of isolation exercises like leg raises, sit-ups and crunches is exactly the wrong way to fix the problem. These exercises may strengthen your abdominal muscles underneath all the fat, but they burn only very few calories; plus, the utilized energy comes from the glycogen stored in your abdominal muscles, not from the fat layer covering them. Spot reduction – training a specific part of your body to lose fat there – doesn’t work. Endless cardio sessions and starving yourself are no good solutions either. 

In order to lose body-fat, your daily calorie intake needs to be slightly lower than your calorie output; this is best achieved by optimizing your food choices ( no fried foods, saturated fats, refined carbs, alcohol and soft drinks). 

As far as exercise is concerned, the best way to achieve earliest belly- and body-fat reduction is by engaging in a sound overall weight training program, mainly relying on compound exercises for your largest body parts, your thighs, glutes, back and chest; performing plenty of squats, lunges, rows and chest presses is your best bet. Such work-outs will burn far more calories than any cardio activity, will continue to burn calories and raise your metabolism for many hours post work-out, and will lead to increased muscle development. More muscle effects a higher metabolism, which means you will burn more calories throughout the whole day, whether at work or at rest. 

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